Author Topic: Artifacts in exported meshes  (Read 1967 times)

Ever since I started using Medium a few years ago, I get little annoying artifacts in exported meshes. It's more likely to happen with denser voxel sculpts.  These artifacts are not present in Medium, but show up in the mesh Medium puts out. here are some images of what it looks like:

There are 3 types of artifacts I encounter:
1) a little stick that pops out of the surface
2) an indented cavity
3) a little tunnel that cuts through the mesh

That 3rd type of artifact is shown in two of the images I linked to above, and it's a real pain to clean up every time before re-meshing or retopologizing to create production models.

It seems to happen once I have a more complex character made from merged layers where I have used the move tool to make adjustments. So perhaps it's a bug associated with how the move tool completes it's process of baking the edits back to the voxels after we let go of the trigger? I can't be sure.

I should also add that occasionally these artifacts do show in Medium, and I can usually smooth and sculpt them away. The more annoying case is when I can't see it until after I've left Medium.

I also got these sticks and tunnels but mine were caused by myself. Can't remember how I caused them though.. but I do know that they already existed IN Medium and I fixed them in Medium and the export was flawless.

Did you export the models at 100% ?

Yes, I have them when I export at 100% or with decimation. I've seen these artifacts in Medium before, but this particular model does not inhibit these artifacts in Medium. Only at export time. Either way they're often not easy to spot.