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Hi Folks,  I have a model created in Solid Edge [ Mcad ] It is one model made up of 12 parts that I have combined by a boolean  so in effect the 12 parts are now seen as 1 part. I had to do this because the parts will be Welded together . My welds are terrible in Painter some areas are fine but others are horrible. I have been informed that I need to alter the Texel density on certain areas  Question is, how would I go about that process ?  I do have 3 ds Max if that can be used but.. not a clue as to how to go about it.  [ The welds are fine on small areas but rubbish on the larger areas ]  Can't upload a couple of screenshots to the forum so have created a P Cloud folder and put them in there.  [ Link above ]  If any of you learned folks have some time could someone cast their eye on them  The pics are of a model unwrapped in 3 DS Max... also not sure how to export the Unwrapped model into Painter.

This video should give you a general idea on texel density:

I don't use 3DS Max personally but I've seen these scripts referenced a lot for setting your texel density:

Regarding your UV, your margins are set way too high... You shouldn't have that much of a gap between your UV shells. I'm also not sure about your unwrap as well... almost looks like you make every face its own shell.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

CAGameDEV, Many thanks for the links / info  also for having a look at the unwrap, much appreciated. I am gradually getting there with Painter,  most models I let painter unwrap them and works fine, just thought I would try to get to grips with the manual unwrapping / texel density adjustment.  In reference to the gap between the uv shells  should I move each piece closer to each other, [ I presume that is what you are meaning ]  I can easily move them in 3 DS Max.

Finally sorted out my Texel density problem. Actually took the test models into 3 DS Max and unwrapped there, then flattened and normalized , then packed custom.  So I am happy with the test welds. here is a link to my P Cloud folder to view the 2 tests. There is always a problem uploading pics to the forum... seems to be a bit hit and miss.  These are only 2 test pieces to get the Weld profile I want. the actual model will have a total of 107 welds using a mix of these profiles.