Author Topic: Custom Filters with greyscale images  (Read 1039 times)

Hello, I am aware of the documentation on making my own filters in Substance Designer in a specific way and importing them to Substance Alchemist, but I seem to be having no luck doing do. This is the first time using this software and I want to make my own filter to generate a pattern much like the Brickwall Pattern or similar filters on top of the material I have created. I don't need to have any parameters or fancy settings just now, just to be able to work out how to get a pattern on the material, and I can work from there.

I have tried putting in the correct userdata in the graph properties, and exporting them as .sbsar files, but apparently there's more stuff for me to do, as I am unable to even import them into Alchemist as they are not showing up.

What am I missing with making custom filters for Alchemist?


Can you send me your sbs file with dependencies if possible?

I will take a look.

Substance Alchemist Product Manager

As a side note, there is, now, an Alchemist filter template by default in Substance Designer.

Substance Alchemist Product Manager