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Hello, I'm looking to use the Substance Automation Toolkit to work on custom scripts to build Substance Designer graphs. I have a python file that I'm currently testing but I'm getting the error, "no module named pysbs".

Looking here:

In the Installing Pysbs, the Substance Designer Scripting API package section, there are the instructions, "Once you have downloaded the zip file containing the API..."

Where is this zip file? Why isn't there a hyperlink somewhere on this page to take to me to the

I think that the installation guidelines for the Substance Automation Toolkit should be more clear, with more obvious links to resources like the
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The SAT is available with indie subscriptions including Designer.
For professionals it requires a separate license.

If you are on a pro license, please send a request here with your work email and I'll set you up with an evaluation license:

What about academic licenses?  It seems script writing is something you would want to encourage academics to do.  Perhaps with an open-source requirement...