Author Topic: Tile sampler Pattern DropDown linking to graph parameter  (Read 924 times)

I'm using the amazing tile sampler in my graph and would like to expose it's pattern drop down selection to the graph.
but with a reduced patterns list.
So I've added as input tweak in my graph a integer1 parameter of type dropdown list.

and I wired the Tile sampler pattern dropdown to that graph parameter.

The problem is that for some reason changing the parameter does not update or change the tile sampler output in any way.
Is there any restriction related to way the tile  Sampler is constructed or did I miss something else ?

Ok the problem actually occurs when changing the dropdown selection in the preview tab.
Things seems to work ok when changing the default checkbox in the parameter tab
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Hello Thibaud,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

The cause of this behaviour is the Pattern parameter is not dynamic.

This means that while it can be tweaked in a Substance Graph and its default value can be changed when exposed, it cannot be changed dynamically after the graph is cooked, i.e. when the package is published to SBSAR. Indeed, this parameter will simply not appear in the SBSAR parameters list.
A number of parameters are static (i.e. not dynamic), such as the Blend node's Blending Mode.

It is currently technically challenging to detect if a graph input parameter controls a static parameter without significantly impacting the overall performance of the graph. This is why these parameters will still be listed in Preview mode, even if they will have no effect.

You can learn more in these sections of Substance Designer's documentation:
I hope this is helpful and informative!

Best regards,
QA Analyst
Substance Designer Team

Thank you Luca.
I did read the Expose limitation, but it wasn't obvious that this specific parameter would be impacted.
Indeed the parameter doesn't work in the published graph in substance player.

I suppose one option would be to use several 'pattern input' and drive the "pattern input number" with a drop down.
Would that work ?

Thanks a lot for the support :)
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