Author Topic: "Seams" when baking single object normal map across UDIM tiles  (Read 1002 times)


So I'm brand new to the UDIM workflow and I've hit an issue and am not sure how to solve it. When baking my normal map for a single object which has UVs split up into multiple UDIM tiles, I get these "seams" in places where the corresponding UV islands are separated by UDIM tile.

I'm using Blender 2.9 and the latest SP. Maybe I've missed something on export?

Any help would be incredibly appreciated!
Thank you!
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I’m getting closer to an answer but I’m still not sure how to address it.

If I smooth shade everything, it bakes fine. But when I introduce hard edge shading on my low poly(either manually or with Auto-Smooth) in combination with a UDIM setup, I get these creases in my bake. However, if I take that same mesh and only change the UDIM setup to a single tile setup, it will bake properly. Could this be a bug with either software?

Hard edge shading UDIM:
Same hard edge shading single tile:
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