Author Topic: New perpetual licenses vanished after clicking sync with steam  (Read 1374 times)

Yesterday (30th September 2020) I extended my Substance Painter and Designer perpetual licenses to 09/2021. The purchase was successful and they almost immediately showed up on my licenses page.

This morning they were both still showing extended to 09/2021. Before I'd downloaded and authorized them I went onto the partnership page and clicked the sync with steam expecting it to auto-update my steam version of designer and painter.

Instead, it seems to have erased my upgraded licenses back to being expired.

Please help!
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Thats why i use "offline" solution for my version that corresponds to purchased version exactly. I have no time for licencing servers and distracting activations. Software just have to run™

The Steam links works in the way Steam -> website, it does NOT update Steam licenses.
If you have any issue with your Substance licenses, please contact us at
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