Author Topic: So Long And Thanks For All The Fish  (Read 1373 times)

Words can't begin to express how pissed off I am about being forced to either have no updates or pay a VERY expensive subscription.

So no updates it is then.

I guess we all knew it was coming, Adobe either buy products to kill them off like Fuse (and probably Medium too soon) or buy products so that they can bleed people dry with a pricy subscription model.

No thanks, I'm out as soon as my current maintenance fee runs out.

Many thanks to Wes Montgomery for all of the tutorials and help that you've given everyone. Your work has been VERY much appreciated.

So long Allegorithmic, I'm out. Time to try out some of these free alternatives I think.


We announced 1 year ago that there are 2 ways to get our products:
- "Substance" is a subscription to an ecosystem with Painter, Designer, Alchemist and Source. This offer is available on We warned users that, following this plan, maintenances for perpetuals wouldn't be sold anymore on 1 year later, in October 20.
- Perpetual licenses for Designer and Painter on Steam

Those changes happened 1 year ago. We sent an email to remind people having perpetuals that maintenance would stop to be sold on in October.
If those users wish to keep having updates they can either subscribe to Substance, or purchase perpetuals on Steam.

Head of Product Management