Author Topic: Vray next UDIM preset not exporting base color  (Read 795 times)


 The Vray next UDIM preset exports all the other maps except the base color, the log says it's not available in the stack, but it shows it's in the stack.

.....the log says

....any help is appreciated.

Can you screen shot your Texture Set Settings for wire_060.... which shows your channel list.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :) this what you asked for?

You're working with Spec Gloss maps but exporting with a Metal Roughness template so it wont work. You're missing those maps. I would also recommend you don't mix up the two different workflows either way unless you're building your project using both workflows (using materials for both metal rough, and spec gloss, and including all the maps required for both while populating them to fill all those channels).

Also, unless you're using the legacy option for UDIMs (not painting across them but importing each tile as its own texture set) then use the VRAY NEXT template for Spec Gloss. If you're using the legacy option then duplicate your VRAY NEXT Spec Gloss template but add .$textureSet instead of the udim tag.
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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

.....aahh, ok. I'm a noob, thanks for your help.