Author Topic: Painter Performance  (Read 452 times)

So I've had Painter since version 1.0 but it has never been an oft used tool in my toolbox. Namely because of performance issues on my old Mac Pro. Although it was fully loaded with the dual D700 cards-it just never felt like Painter was made for Mac and I shelved the app for quite some time and used Mari for my texturing instead(But Mari has its own set of issues).

Fast forward to today and I've purchased the new Mac Pro 2019 with the following specs:

macOS 10.15.7
3.3GHz 12-core CPU
Pro Vega II 32GB vram
External m.2 raid drive - 2.5GB/s(scratch disk)

With my recent project, Painter performed well before later slowing down to a crawl. At this point, when I would simply hide or make visible a layer, I had to wait for Painter to process, which could take upwards of 20-30 seconds. Because of this I had to essentially end my texturing and call it finished before it was really done because I can't work with this kind of application lag.

My questions are, what exactly does Painter need to run to get 100% peak performance? Is this as good as it will run? Is it tuned better for a Windows environment? What do I need to improve the performance?