Author Topic: Udims are recieving different values when I try creating generator effects  (Read 1273 times)


I'm having an issue where when I create generators on my meshes, it seems that the effects apply differently on the geo in UDIM 1003 and 1004 than the other udims.

I think it may have something to do where in my curvature pass, UDIM 1003 and 1004 looks different from the other UDIMS, but I tried re-baking the maps, and I'm not sure how to get these two UDIMS looking correctly.

Thank you!


that also happen to me too, i seek the answer online, but the result is zero, even youtube chanel from substance not even mentioning this, or at least how to use generator while working with udim workflow. tried tri planar, change the shader, experiment with generator slider. ITS Not Working Properly
only work with material, but if add generator, the problem come again