Author Topic: UDIM tile names on export  (Read 1819 times)

When I export my textures from Painter on a project that uses the new UDIM workflow, it seems to be regularly renumbering some, but not all of the maps, so that it's not exporting with the same file names each time. This makes iterating textures in the target app incredibly problematic: in my thinking, it should be able to overwrite the previous maps which I would then refresh in the app and have the results show, but instead, whatever new names/numbers Substance saves things out won't correspond to the originals, and so it requires either manually renaming all the newly output maps, or just replacing, manually, all the maps every time, a real time sink. Is there something stupid I'm missing here?

Please provide a screen shot of your export template, and a screen shot of the output tab which previews the file names, and also the main tab that shows which template you're selecting.
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Did some more poking around and found my problem: was using an older output template of mine from before the UDIM workflow was introduced and it didn't contain the variables for the tiles. Didn't dawn on me to check there until your reply mentioned output templates, so thanks for the nudge.