Author Topic: multiple materials merged in one udim  (Read 806 times)


I was wondering if that is an issue or if I am using a wrong workflow.
I have an asset with lets say 1 udim, but in maya I am assigning materials onto different object parts.
When loading in substance I will get my materials separated but sharing the same udim. So far so good.

When exporting I expected that all materials merge into the same udim map, but instead I'll get a map for each material, even its sharing the same udim?
Can I somehow merge them together in one udim during export?

Or is it intended to work this way?


It is intended to work this way. If you set up your scene using multiple materials/ TextureSets, you cannot merge them upon export. You need to either combine the exported textures afterwards manually, use a tool ( , not sure if this still works with new versions of Painter though), or set up the scene so it only uses 1 TextureSet in the first place.

I assume I have the same Problem then?
I thought I could sub "divide" the Texture sets by materials to even have it easier to isolate them in SP.
On export i realized it wont merge them into their relating UDIM sets but just name them exactly with the texture sets name. (_laces.diff ect.. so no UDIM tag).

So how can we keep the UDIM tags at the end? using legacy workflow or unassign materials before importing a mesh?

Hi, i have the same problem.

It would be nice and somehow expected to be able to export udim maps / udim centric texture sets.
Especially if you have complex models e.g. a car, shading the model beforehand makes the texturing process 1000x faster/easier.

Maybe you could look into that for future updates.

Is there a best practice to merge those textures outside of SP?

I was wondering too but found it. Its not $uvtile or $textureSet (legacy workfflow) set but


sure makes sense - only confusing if you used substance since years and used $textureSet