Author Topic: CANT BUY .. VAT number country code doesnt match with country of your address  (Read 2469 times)

Title says it all.

So - why is this error occurring? From Ireland - Have tried ie and IE - no go.

Help me to buy please ..


Your VAT number must be in a format which matches the european format. You can try on this website:

If it's ok on the link above, it will be ok on our website as well.

Please contact us on our contact form ( if you have troubles.

Head of Product Management

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks, sorted.

For anyone else with this issue:

In my case - it turned out I have a letter at the end of my Vat Number as well as the country code at the beginning ( Ireland  - ie ) eg


This is what i tried and it did not work. The problem was simple - TRY make all letters CAPS, so:


This worked.

Hope this might help others ..

Yes it was the same for me in Spain (es)