Author Topic: substance 2020 on steam  (Read 302 times)

my substance bundle Perpetual license just expired in this jun(I bought on steam and link to allegorithmic account)

now I just saw substance painter and designer 2020 on steam and both of them are a little bit cheaper(each about70$) than the maintenance(75$),so what's the difference between these two?what would happen if I buy the 2020 substance product on steam when I already bought 2019 last year?

You can still buy on Steam and link it to your account, this will give you a license for another year starting on the purchase date.

Does It mean that after a year I have to buy it again? If I'm an Indie Developer after a year can't sell any game with a substance work within it ? or this yearly thing is just that I can't update substance ?
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This is only for updates, you can use the tool with no time limit.

Can I use it in Comercial projects ?