Author Topic: Can't update Substance Painter for Linux  (Read 1146 times)

I'm running Linux Mint 20 (was 19 until recently).
My usual procedure for updating Substance Painter has been to download the RPM, use Alien to convert it to DEB, then install the DEB.

with substance-painter_6.2.1-2_amd64, however, when I go to install the deb, it tells me that a newer version is already installed.

when I check with Substance Painter (about...) It says I'm running 2019.3.3

Any idea why it thinks I have the new one installed?

No idea why it thinks that but ... there's another way to install and update with Mint. Download the RPM, instead of converting to DEB just extract RPM to temp folder. Then burrow down through folders (opt/allegorithmic/) until you see the Substance Painter folder - copy/paste or move that folder to your install folder of choice - I use opt. Then set your custom shortcut to the Substance Painter program icon in the copy/pasted/moved Substance Painter folder. Hope that makes sense.
When I update I simple rename (temporarily - then delete when new version is deemed stable) old SP folder in opt and repeat process above - including updating your shortcut location. Your settings will remain as they live in the .config folder in home directory.
This method should remove any confusion as to which version is in use.

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Thanks a lot! I did as you suggested and it worked.

You're welcome!  :)