Author Topic: Forest Gravel Path's Heightmap not working  (Read 1134 times)

Hey, I was playing with Forest Gravel Path Material from Source and noticed an odd look to it. Turns out its heightmap's scaling is a bit wonky and it won't tile. Here's a snippet from its Base Colour and Height outputs.

Can you guys fix this? Thanks!

Seems to have the same issues with normal and ao maps too.

Hi Elperi,

Our QA artist is on it!
I'll let you know when the material is fixed and updated on the platform
PO @ Allegorithmic


We can't see any issue when looking at the different maps of Forest Gravel Path, they tile perfectly.
However on your screenshot the image looks a bit stretched.
Is it possible that you have used something like a Transform 2D node on it? In that case it would be normal, as it breaks tiling.
PO @ Allegorithmic

Hey, sorry for the late response. This problem occurs when I bring the file to SD. In Substance Player for example it works as expected. Here's a screenshot of a new empty graph with just the material with it's default settings. Added a blend node just to show two of the channels side by side.