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I also want to post on this thread because firstly, the poor performance on OS X is ridiculous even with the lackluster graphics drivers on OS X.  I can understand substances compiling more slowly on the operating system (and they do), but for the basic preview to run poorly with every mildly advanced viewport setting turned off is not acceptable.  From my perspective it doesn't even look like a performance bug - it just lags extremely badly when moved quickly.  There are also other performance issues though that seem like non-issues for graphics drivers like a more responsive UI, which is far more fluid on Windows.

Additionally, theres still a lot of OS X only bugs that haven't been fixed that significantly affect the usability of this program.  Just before writing this post I tried to re-upload some substances on the new Share platform, but I can't because the publishing process either crashes the entire program or reports back saying it cant load app package files.  Theres things like panels docking and un-docking themselves just by moving the cursor over the header and right-clicking while having nodes selected randomly moves them in various directions, which really impact the usability of the program and things I sent detailed bug reports on between March and May of this year to no response (I did use :l).

It really feels like the OS X version doesn't get the same level of care that the Windows version, which is frustrating as I bought the program on the basis that it offered such a version unlike other competing programs like Quixel Suite, and i've invested a lot of time in spite of the programs numerous bugs and performance issues. 
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I have exactly the same problem on a top end iMac. The 3D view is basically unusable. With the window set to a pretty tiny size it runs at a painfully slow frame rate right from the get go, and with a larger window it's a slide show, running at a few frames per second.

Curiously Substance Painter runs fine on the Mac.

I've tried contacting Allegorithmic about this but haven't had a response, despite trying twice. Not exactly good customer service.

i think this is clearly a screen resolution /retina issue. You can see the performance increase  as soon as you step down the resolution settings on the MacBook pro. My suggestion would be to use 1280x800 setting for the best performance (unfortunately)


I would also try dropping back a version or so.
I just upgraded to 2.6.1 from 2.4.1 and the performance on my MacBook Pro dropped to an unusable frame rate from an acceptable one. I confirmed no post-effects active.
Jumping back to 2.4.1 corrected the speed issue. Same file, same monitor (in my case a 60hz 4k external one).
I turned off GPU switching just in case but only version downgrading helped.

Mac are getting too cool for school every generation. They are phasing out support for OpenGL, and without an intel chip there will be no BootCamp Windows soon. Buyer beware. If I didn't need this thing for clients (Creative departments around the US are still into mac, even though Macs aren't even that great with Adobe) I'd have a PC. The mac cultivated garden is a wonderous thing... but only if it's growing the fruits and vegetables you actually like.

I'm running on a 2019 27" iMac / i-9 intel / 64 gigs of RAM/ Radeon 550 native / eGPU (Razor Core) with a Vega 64. When this all works as a teams it's awesome.

The big hic up I'm seeing with graphics, and this is true for Photoshop as well: If the software is displayed on the Retina 4k display, it's sloooooow. Substance designer crashes. And photoshop only functions if it's not using the eGPU.

BUT... when I run any of this with the eGPU enabled on my Cintiq montior, it works well enough. There's a bit of a lag with Designer, but not crippling.

In general, Adobe products have not been getting along with Apple, especially since NVidia and Apple are feuding over Apple as a gaming console ( ...go figure... ), so it's a straight up hassle for creatives to keep using this software. AND... look forward to issues when Apple stops using OpenGL. I'm sure Metal is awesome and full of coolness, I'm also sure no one at Algorithmic or Adobe is going to be heads over heals to rewrite all this OpenGL stuff.

Insert big rant about the effects of Monopolies on markets and innovation here. Save all our sanity. Cut Apple up into tasty slices.

Anyway... if I was buying an Apple RIGHT NOW, and I needed to use creative cloud, or algorithmic software, I'd grab an MacMini and an eGPU + a Cintiq for a monitor. But, next go around, the only way I'm buying into this dumb monopoly again is if the Apple Monitor supports the Apple Pencil.

Rant done. I hope my solution helped.