Author Topic: Can I keep my perpetual license if I subscribe to substance?  (Read 412 times)

Can I keep my perpetual license if I subscribe to substance to gain access to substance source points?

If you subscribe to substance you'll just have another license separated from your perpetual.

So, if you pay for a monthly subscription for one month you get the latest version. But when that expires and you switch to your perpetual license, do you keep the latest version or revert to an old buggy version?

Those would be two different licences as your perpetual will remain as is and has nothing to do with your monthly subscription version.

If your perpetual is at version 2019.3.3 but pay for a monthly you'll always get access to the latest version through your subscription which is a separate license, ie. 2020.2.2 as of today, but your perpetual will never change so if you discontinued your monthly subscription you can go back to using your 2019.3.3 version.

Keep in mind any projects you make in a newer version will not be backwards compatible with older versions.

So in essence, Adobe made a clever scheme that screwed everyone who bought perpetual license and is now removing the option to buy yearly maintenance thus forcing users to buy subscription if they want the latest developments. Nobody saw this coming.