Author Topic: Severe performance issues (SP broken at this point)  (Read 612 times)

I am having severe performance issues with the latest Substance Painter when having more than one fabric substance loaded in Painter. The fabric substances are not complicated by any means.

Lowering the resolution helps a little a bit, but in order to do detail work I need to be able to see this in 4K. I often have to wait several minutes to make even a small change in any of the substances. I am not using any udims, but have few texture sets which have no complex substances.

I have not had such issues before, but at present I would consider this to be near unusable, it kills all creativity and productivity.

Windows shows dedicated GPU memory is only half used, 4GB used about half free. This shouldn't be slow.

So my machine specs are 2080 super, 64gb of ram and 16 core AMD processor and running latest NVidia Studio graphics drivers.