Author Topic: Target Settings for Consoles  (Read 219 times)

So I know I can have different target settings for the following platforms: standalone, iOS and Android. But what about consoles? I'm developing for consoles and I need target settings for those as well.

I could make use of the default settings for consoles and use specific settings for standalone. This could work for now, but once I start porting to the next gen systems, those will also need their own settings.

Is this feature implemented but requires a different plugin? If it's not, any ideas on how I could hack it in?

Hi @elpedros, are you talking game consoles in Unity's Platform? Are you asking if we have a Substance plugin for game consoles or, is this a general question for Unity people?

I suppose I'm asking both questions. Is there a substance plugin for consoles (XboxOne, PS4, XboxSeriesX, PS5) on Unity that supports custom default settings? Or if there isn't, has anyone hacked it so that it does?

@elpedros No, there is no such a thing as Substance plugin for consoles. Only for UNITY. I do not know of any hacks.