Author Topic: Stingray PBS missing in the new plugin for Maya 2018.  (Read 1337 times)

Hi Guys,
I have install the last version of Substance plugin for Maya 2018 :

But when i go to my Workflows, i can't find the Stingray PBS one.

I would like to know if it's a bug or normal behavior ?
If it is normal behavior i would like to know why it has been ditch and if Stingray PBS is now considered Legacy by AD and Allegorithmic ?

What is now the recommanded workflow to transfer substance shader and texture from Maya to Unity ?

Thanks for your time

We do not currently ship with a Stingray PBS shader workflow. There is options to make your own, however.

The workflows we have set are typically for production renderers, and Stingray PBS is sort of superseded by Arnold/aiStandardSurface or the new StandardSurface shader as the main viewport shaders for Maya.

The Maya LT version of the plugin does currently have Stingray PBS as an option, as that's basically the only shader for it. However, the workflow part of the Maya LT plugin is much more limited.
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Thanks for your answer Galen.