Author Topic: Some old good basic features  (Read 617 times)

Hello everyone, I'm sure everyone thought about this at least every time they open the Substance Painter. Some of these things are so basic that they have long been the elementary particles of any software.

So here we go:
  • Copy/Paste color – just the basic feature of any graphic editor – simple RMB click to copy/paste. Also a field to paste the color in hex format will be great too
  • Tab to navigate across the input fields in "Color selection pop-up" – an elementary function that allows you to save a lot of time if you need to enter exact values manually
  • Color library – just like any color swatches palette in Unity, Photoshop, Marmoset or anywhere. It may be new tab on the Shelf. It allow user to create his own color library and save/export it. Simple drag or RMB click to copy any color from this palette to any color input fields. Ability to name the color-presets will be great too.
  • UV shell mask – will be good addition to latest Geometry/UV tiles masking feature. Allow user to hide/unhide some UV tiles. Anticipating the problem of missing identical UV shells when changing a mesh – just ignore it. Like the software reacting to missing anchors for example or looks like the mismatching result of Polygon Fill tool.
  • 3D space wrapping for filters – the Blur or Bevel filters for example usually need to warp across the UV tiles in 3d space, not the UV space

And a HUGE thanks to the developers for such a wonderful package that is constantly getting better and thank you for not forgetting about Mac!  :-*