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I'm trying to create a mask for the fingernails of my hand model. But it's not comfortable to be done by painting(inaccurate)or by using the polygon fill tool(it's only suitable for low poly, right?)
I'd like to select the faces in the lowpoly mesh and smooth them in order to get the correct mask. How would I feed this back into Painter? Via an additional maskID? Via bitmap?
Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you, guys....

I'm not sure why you cannot use the polygon fill tool to generate mask of each finger nail? If they're separate pieces you can easily make an ID mask as well either through the high poly version or by duplicating the low and just using material fill and baking an ID map.

Do you have actual topology for the finger nails on the low, or did you bake the nail down from the high but on the low you don't actually have a low nail just the full finger? If so you can either vertex paint it and create a mask from that if the nail is sculpted on-top of the finger but not separated, or if it is separated on the high just mat fill it and bake an ID map.
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I work on the high, subdivided mesh. Even if I hit the correct faces there is some wiggling AA going on.
And it should be possible to get a clean mask of those faces, right?

You could create separate UV islands for the fingernails and then just fill those with a single click (make sure you have set UV padding to 'UV space neighbor' in the TextureSet settings if you want a clean edge).

Or assign a separate material to the fingernail polygons of the highres model (in Maya or whatever you are using) and bake an ID map from that in Painter.

The second workflow: I don't know how to achieve that.
What I did:
1. Assigned 2 different Materials on the lowpoly, then subdivided, the exported the whole character to a new FBX.
2. In Substance under ProjectConfig  load the new file
3. Then rebake ID for the arms only
then I'm stuck. I only see plain color maps in the project folder

You need to assign the materials to a separate highres mesh of the hand (simply use the same mesh saved as a separate OBJ/FBX, but make sure it has a separate material assigned to the fingernail polygons) and load that in the baking window in the project of the original hand you are texturing.

Then, in the ID baker options, select 'Material Color' as the Color Source.
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Understood. Thank you very much!!!