Author Topic: Custom sbsar. Makes painter crash  (Read 471 times)

So I have other sbsar. files that work fine, but this one doesn't. I'm still learning so I'm not sure what I'm Looking for in the graph. I found an old form post with the exact issue from 2016 (Substance Painter - Technical Support - Substance works in Designer, kills Painter) and I went through my file applying the change I saw there but still to no avail. Please if someone could take a look and help me I would be grateful.

Your cracks generate at a too high resolution, which stall/freeze the GPU. See the attached image.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

Thank you so much! sorry for late reply. I don't know how I missed that gargantuan resolution  :-[ Thanks for the help  :)