Author Topic: Substance Painter crashing upon opening of any file - help!  (Read 7972 times)

Hi, 1st post and 1st real problem with software.
I'm running latest version of Substance on a Windows10 laptop with GTX980m with latest drivers. My laptop was upgraded recently from Windows 7 to 10, I think this is when Substance stopped working for me, until this point it was very stable.

The problem now is that every single time I start the package and try to open a scene or create a new scene the package closes with no warning or crash report.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling (although I have kept old files and projects intact ), I have tried going back to older Nvidia drivers , I have also addressed the Tdr suggestion in the registry so the warning disappears when opening substance.

Next port of call is seeing if there are any software clashes and maybe finding an old driver from a couple of years ago to see if that helps. After that I'm totally out of ideas.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

I have just gone through that lost and uninstalled any screen capture software
 I don't have the specific one on the list but still thought it would be good to do incase there were similar issues.

Really scratching my head with this one.

Do I get an error log if it just closed with no report ? I have no log reports anymore now that I've fixed the Tdr issue.

Hi, thanks for that link.

I have tried to reinstall a version of Substance that is not the latest one and that used to work a few weeks ago.

Here is the log file. I checked my license and it shows that it is good until 2018

Looks like there is a conflict between your NVidia GPU and the integrated Intel GPU. Try disabling it in the Intel driver options.

It wasn't that. It was a autodesk assistant application, that is launched at start up. Disabling it stops the crashes.

Could you give us more details about this assistant app so we can add it to the documentation?

I'm having this problem in 2020. awesome... Anyone ever figure out a solution?

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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