Author Topic: Will Medium ever go on Steam? Beyond Oculus Store?  (Read 164 times)

At the moment, Oculus/Facebook seems like they no longer care about high quality PC VR. They are focusing on the mobile Quest devices and doing a race to the bottoms for pricing, to get it in the hands of many people.

There is also the controversy of forcing us to use Facebook, something they specifically promised they would not do.

Meanwhile, great headsets like the Valve Index and HP Reverg G2 are coming up as better alternatives to the Rift S in the high end VR consumer desktop world.


Are there any plans to free Medium from the Oculus store so that we can easily use Medium with other headsets? I know there are ways around it like Revive, but that is not as good as having a dedicated support from the developers.

Please help us free ourselves from Facebook. Medium is my primary art tool and I'd like to start exploring outside Facebook/Oculus for my day to day artwork hardware.

We are absolutely exploring this!! Our move to Adobe unlocked a ton of new opportunity for us, and this is def one of them. Hope to share more soon.

OP proved to be so right, with the announcement of the Oculus Quest 2, the Rift S is officially being discontinued. They also announced there are no plans for Oculus to make any future PC VR headsets (that one stung the most).

The Oculus Link capabilities weren’t played up much during the presentations either, and enhancements are nonexistent until sometime later this year.

The Rift store is essentially on life support at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it spun down in the next couple years.