Author Topic: Imported FBX model blocks menu interactions  (Read 4297 times)

Hi there,

I am trying to load a polygon mesh to a sculpting sessions.   It is a large model that I would like to use as a reference mesh.  It appears that if you are within the bounding box, all of the menus no longer work when trying to select scene graph or edit layers.   All I can do is move the mesh (because I am within its volume).

If I set the layer to be locked, it still allows me to move / manipulate and blocks menu access.  I have to move the mesh so I am no longer within its bounding box in order to do anything. 

This is a really really annoying bug / flaw.    Does anyone know a workaround to fix this?   I am working on sculpture for a site-specific public art project and would love to be able to sculpt with a mesh of the environment in place.