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Example: Lets say I have a logo that I want to apply to an object, I put it into the base color slot of a fill layer, and select 'planar projection' as projection method. Then I use the manipulator to position, rotate, and scale the logo into place.

Now, I would like to put the fill layer with the logo in it into a group, apply a mask to the group, assign a fill effect to the mask, and put a black-and-white alpha image (that fits the color image of the logo) into the fill effect to mask away parts of the logo in the group.

How do I fit the alpha image/ fill to the logo in the other fill? All I can think of is to copy each value in the projection settings manually from one fill layer to the next (9 values total) so both (planar) projections match up. Just to repeat the process if I need to change something.

This is tedious work. It would be very helpful if you could link certain input fields together. The possibility to press a button, and have the projection settings of one fill layer copy all values of the projection settings of another fill layer (or fill effect).
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