Author Topic: Is the Substance Automation Toolkit available for academic licenses?  (Read 135 times)

I use the Substance suite as a teacher - learning the program, not for teaching.  I just purchased a Blender plugin for importing and manipulating SBSAR files in Blender, but found out I needed the Automation Toolkit to use it.

Is the Substance Automation Toolkit available for student perpetual licenses?  I'd consider it an essential part of the suite, especially for learning CG workflow, etc.   8)

Update: I heard from my e-mail to the Substance Support Team.  As they clarified:
"The SAT (Substance Automation Toolkit) is a per demand basis for the free Licenses...I have activated the license on your account :)"

I now see the download in my 'Licenses' from my Substance account.  So if you would like to take advantage of the SAT with a Student Perpetual License, send an e-mail to the team at  Thanks, Charles, for the support and clarification! (my support specialist)  ;D