Author Topic: DOes it work well in sp after I unwrap like the image below?  (Read 751 times)

I have two tips for you and some advice:
1. There's a lot of empty UV space in your current layout you could be taking advantage of.  A good link with lots of info about UV best practices can be found here:
2. There are a few areas where your UV islands are touching each other.  Not providing enough padding between islands will create lots of problems for you.  More info here:

Advice! - This may not be the best forum for questions like this, since these are basic UV questions rather than something Substance Painter specific.  (The issues with your layout would be a problem in any texturing software.)  My suggestion is to search for free tutorials on youtube to get a handle on the basics of 3d, UVs, etc. first, then find a non-software-specific forum like Polycount to ask questions on after you've gotten a better handle on the basics.  This way, you'll be much more likely to get responses.