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Medium 2.4 includes a number of polymesh-processing and pipeline-based features that will help aid in integrating polymeshes further into the workflow, as well as work towards offloading expensive sculpt layers (Either through baking to mesh or caching the layer on disk). Additionally, this release will address some high priority bugs, and stability/ optimization improvements.

  • Freeze layers / bake to mesh
  • Export polymeshes to sculpt
  • Import sculpts into other sculpt
  • Camera as a scene object
  • Adobe Rebranding and licensing work

New Features:
  • When you lock/unlock a layer, the voxel data is removed/restored from memory, without changing the rendering mesh. This allows users to create more complex sculpts, and less likely to run into hitches caused by low/out of memory errors
  • Users can now import another sculpt file into their current sculpt session. Importing will bring over all layers, meshes, images, lights, and transform nodes under a new transform parent that is named after the imported file
  • The worldspace capture camera is now in the scene. You can use this for capture if you set the screenshot/video capture to "world" mode. The attributes and transform of this camera will save with your scene
  • Meshes now export with the sculpt with the specified pivot when you choose FBX. Vertex position, normals, vertex color, and a single UV set will export. Textures, materials and other attributes are not yet supported. Layer pivots will also now export properly as the new output mesh's transform (also for FBX)
  • Medium processes will continue to run when you take off the headset. This means you don't have to leave your headset on while export, save, loading and other operations are processing
  • When you want to start a new session, or want to exit, the app now asks you if you want to save the current sculpt before proceeding
  • We've repathed where the log files are being written so it will be easier to locate for debugging / support. They are now located at: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Medium\Logs
  • For power users, if you've changed your Medium library directory to point to something else other than C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Medium\, you'll have to set it again in your registry under the registry key SOFTWARE\Adobe\Medium\LibraryDirectory
  • This is not a new feature, but we got Studio Share (Beta) working again! Connect 1:1 with any of your friends and sculpt side by side. Please give us feedback if you try this

  • Crash fix for making a layer a stamp and importing the stamp. You no longer have to roll back Nvidia drivers to work around this issue.
  • Crash fix for selecting a node that doesn't have any actions in Scene Edit Mode.
  • Crash fix for recording video on the Quest
  • Loading a sculpt should be faster now.
  • Saving and Loading non unicode file names has been fixed
  • Non unicode Windows user names will no longer have issues starting the app.
  • Fix for "Lock scene node" not being hierarchical
  • The stamp preview mesh at the end of the clay tool now supports Stamps created from meshes with multiple parts (You shouldn't see any missing parts anymore)
  • Photo capture preview window will no longer look distorted
  • Better starting position for the scene graph and spotlight when you start a new sculpt
  • Cut tool will no longer cut through locked layers
  • Fix for multiple uses of move tool darkening a layer's color over time
  • Some memory fixes and improvements
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