Author Topic: TM Channel Manager - Substance Painter Plugin python  (Read 930 times)

Tired of adding, renaming or deleting a Channel on each of your Texture Sets one by one manually ?

TM Channel Manager is a Substance Painter Python Plugin which allows you to modify multiple Texture Sets using a very simple but powerful dedicated interface !
  • Add Channels
  • Rename Channels
  • Delete Channels
  • Modify Channels format
  • Set Resolution
  • Choose multiple Texture Sets
Multiple Texture Set Selection Mode
Usually in Painter, the only way to create, rename, change format or delete a Channel, if a project is already created, is to do it one by one on each Texture Sets.
With TM Channel Manager plugin you can do it in one click on all your Texture Sets ! And so, save a lot of time and potential mistakes when setting up name and format on your 10+ Textures Sets new Channel. And you can also set a Resolution for all your Texture Sets in one click !

Origin story :
I originally created this plugin for myself as I was always complaining about not being able to create a new User Channel on all my texture sets. And by doing it manually I was always missing to set up the correct Format on some of them.

Now I am using this plugin on all my projects (work and personal) and it is saving me so much time and efforts. I definitely don't want to go back to the original way of managing channel anymore !
I hope you will find it as useful as I do !
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