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Hello, after downloading many awsome materials and effects from the Substance Share, I decided to share something I created; Engraving / Woodcut image processor. However, so far I am having not luck uploading the file -- I tried may time and I get to a network error. Has anyone had the same issue uploading?

Anyhow,  this is what the effect looks like:

Super Awesome!

That looks amazing!

Uploading to share usually goes fine but I think the site does get overwhelmed sometimes.
Try uploading again a day later or so.

Unfortunately, I got another Error/Rejection the file is too big... (if I remember correctly 170 MB)

The problem is that this requires all the large images to create the final 4096x4096 pixel output.

That's indeed a bit large.

Users can add their own image as input, right? So maybe you don't need to include everything.

You can also try compressing the images a bit. Export from photoshop as jpg on highest quality still looks good and makes a much smaller file (also set images to grayscale when possible).

Yes, the image to be "engraved" you replace with your own. However, there are additional 15 images that are necessary to create the effect... (1 for each of 15 steps between white and black) and those need to be included in the resources. Now it is possible to replace those as well, but this is a lot of work that I would not want to do again if I could avoid it :-)

Your idea with jpg compression is a good one -- I might try this and see if the package will fit on Share...

In any case, for now, I am making the package available on my website for anyone who wants to use it. Here is the link:
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Wow this really looks great and is exactly what I need! Unfortunately the download link seems to be broken. Any change you will make it available again? - thanks!