Author Topic: [Python Request] Can We Get A Way To Check/Toggle Texture Set Visibility  (Read 169 times)

We have custom publishing tools in our pipeline, and folks are requesting that we use texture set visibility to drive which texture sets export (currently our interface has checkbox per texture set)

However, we can't do this as the python API gives us no way of querying the texture set visibility.

would this be possible?
I've seen a few people ask for this in other threads.

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Hi Los,
I see that you posted few requests that also interest me to know.
For that one specifically, I am pretty sure you can't do it for now with Python

Might be worth asking your requests here

So I will be able to vote for it ! The way it works is : the more vote there is, the more Top Priority it becomes for the substance team.

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Yes it's not possible for now to get the visibility. Posting on our feedback/uservoice is indeed a good idea.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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