Author Topic: Need help for a project with conversion Node for designer and Painter  (Read 867 times)


I have a conversion node created in substance designer as I’m doing some non PBR work and it works great for what I’m doing and I have a designer graph template set out for when authoring materials in Designer.

My problem is utilising this node for painter authored materials/props as the node takes the metallic and roughness maps and converts them to specified values and packs them into a data map. I can’t think of a way of getting this node in to painter and linking up to the roughness and Metallic slots in real time? Also can’t create a custom converted map slot in the export presets as far as I know? I’m trying to cut out the added process of exporting the maps out of painter then adding them into the designer template to convert just to export the maps again unless there’s some sort of substance live link between painter and designer but not as far as I’m aware?

Any ideas?