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I have created a 16bit_Graph.
But when I try to import a 16bit image, Substance designer gives me this message.
“This image will not be editable because it‘s not in 8bits.”
Why can‘t I edit and save the image?   


The paint tools only work on 8 bit images at the moment. You can still use your 16 bits image in SD and process it through a graph, but you won't be able to paint on it directly.

I understand only 8bit painting is possible.
But the problem is I cannot save a 16bit image even if I do not paint in SD.
A very simple example is attached.

Another question is how can I change graph format from 8bit to 16 bit for a existing graph?
The graph format is only accessible from the create new graph window.

You can put a node in between and set the output of that to 16 bit (using Absolute). I do this on filtering operations (like Blur) to increase the quality of gradations... which is especially important for things that will be used for normal maps and/or embossed.

Now it works.
Thank you for your help.
I am wondering why there is an outputs format options in the create new graph window.
That doesn't seem to do anything.

Somewhere along the line there has to be a 16-bit input for there to be 16-bit output (output node cannot upconvert, nor would there be any benefit if they did). You can easily tell if there are any 16-bit nodes in the graph since they have thick connectors.

Anyhow, the New Substance/New Graph option is more about converting any 16-bit back to 8-bit for output, rather than converting anything 8-bit to 16-bit. If you look at the Graph level options you will see it is still set to relative to parent (although 16-bit is active). The graph level would have to be set to Absolute to convert everything, and that might cause a processing speed hit.
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Even though there are 16bits inputs in the graph, the connectors are not thick.
And the textures are always exported as 8bits unless I set the output format to absolute.
I think there is no difference between the 8bits and 16bits option in the create new graph window.