Author Topic: shortcut to shift to Substance Material context in the PROPERTIES menu  (Read 1089 times)

Hey there, silly question, but this is driving me nuts and searches are not bearing fruit...

When you click on a node in the graph, the properties of that node become active in the PROPERTIES menu.  Is there a shortcut or hotkey to change the context of the PROPERTIES menu to the material itself (that you would click in the Explorer menu) so you can bounce back and forth when tweaking settings?

I'm working on the parameters that will be promoted in the archive, so I'm jumping back and forth- a shortcut would be nice to easily go between the nodes context and the material properties preview.

Thanks in advance,
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There isn't a hotkey that does this, but this might work for you:

In the top right of each panel is a pin, which you can use to keep a panel open.
When you click something else at first it will open a new tab on top of the pinned one which does keep refreshing, but you can drag the pinned tab to a different place to keep it directly accessible.