Author Topic: How to bake height maps or color from external mesh?  (Read 4304 times)

Hi. Some questions:

1. Is there a way to bake displacement maps from a high poly mesh in Substance Painter?
I know how to do convert a normal map to a displacement map in Substance Designer, but the quality there can't and is not what I need.

2. Is there a way to bake color maps from external high poly models?
I've photogrammetry models with color textures and would like to use SP to bake the colors to retopologized low poly meshes.

Best wishes
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You need to bake both map types in Substance Designer, Substance Painter doesn't have built in bakers for neither.

Thank you for your answer Volker, but SD seems to bake 4k maps, only.
Is there a way to bake a 8k map, too?
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All is fine. I figured out how to bake the mentioned maps.
I suggest everyone to use the baker in Substance Designer.

Thank you
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