Author Topic: I want to read OBJ from the Project Configuration  (Read 291 times)

I want to read OBJ from the Project Configuration


It doesn't seem like this.

How can I read in the case of the state like the image?


There is no way so far in Python, but in Javascript...
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Thank you for your reply, commanderCool.

Yes, I can get the URL with this command, but I can't load it.

I can close it once and open a new OBJ in that location, but I don't know how to replace the OBJ while maintaining the state I'm currently working on.

Load a mesh for an existing project cannot be done with the API for now. You can only do it from the command line, see:
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Froyok, thank you for the information on the command line.

I looked at it, but when it is executed at the time of SubstancePainter starting, I thought that, in order to start the second SubstancePainter and read OBJ, I thought that I would save the project once and then exit Substancepainter, replace OBJ again from the command line and read it.

Because it takes six clicks to import OBJ now, because I was aiming to be able to import and export OBJ and FBX with one click, the history also disappears, and this is a feeling that there are many steps and is not practical.

Since the export was made, please add it to the API for the import which can replace OBJ.
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