Author Topic: List all UV tiles with Python API  (Read 1195 times)


I am trying to list all UV tiles in a substance painter project in order to make some changes on it, like resolution, channels.
I found how to list all texture set but I can't find any documentation about uv tiles.

Can someone helps me that or redirect me to the API documention about uv tiles ?


More precise example of what I am trying to do :
I am trying to make a button to reset all my UV tiles resolution values to "Default" or a specific one. Since the new UV Tiles workflow, Texture Set are not master of uv tiles resolution anymore if the uv tile resolution have been overridden. That's why I want to be able to set them all to Default (which means Texture Set resolution) all at once.
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Yeah.. I've just been looking and can't find a way to list the uv tiles in relation to the current texture set after setting up the project with the new uv tile workflow.

That's a shame and if not currently possible looks like we'll need to stick to legacy (one texture set per uv tile) if we want to use our custom exporter (which we do).

 :'( I was hoping it was hidden somewhere..

Exactly, that's a real issue for custom exporter

Looking forward to get an updated API
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