Author Topic: odd results with certain faces on my UV  (Read 167 times)

I can't seem to figure out what's happening to my imported UV coming in from Blender. In a few instances on my UV, I have faces that are rendering white. I've checked my normals are facing the right way for these faces in Blender, I'm exporting as an fbx model. I've circle the errors I could find in the image below. When I rotate my lighting in Substance, it affects these faces and inverts them to dark?

Can you share the mesh? Did you check your normals in Blender?

Thanks for the reply, I'll share the mesh after work. I did check the normals in Blender and they're all facing the right way. I tried deleting the faces and rebuilding them but that doesn't seem to matter. For some reason the lighting hits these faces differently. When I bake my maps in Substance, I also notice the normal map having a different result for these faces.

So i figured out a way around it after several hours of tinkering and testing. I have a bevel and a mirror modifier on most of my objects on this model. For whatever reason, having mirror on top of the stack was the issue. Doing the bevel operation before mirroring the model fixes the UV export and gets rid of all these odd random flipped normals. It is odd since I didn't notice this issue in my past export using other models with the same workflow, but eh at least this is a way to fix it. Hope this helps someone out there because I dug online for hours and couldn't find a fix.