Author Topic: change Texture set sized based on UV Tile selection...  (Read 175 times)


I am currently running into an issue and was wondering if there is a solution for that.
I have an asset with hundreds of UV Tiles. Therefore I am minimizing the processing by setting the Texture set size to very low and excluding most of the UV Tiles.

For the UV Tiles I have included, i would like to change the Texture Size to a higher resolution.

Right now I have to check under "UV TILES MASK" which ones I have selected and then select the UV Tiles manually under the Texture Set list. (I actually have to remember them, because when showing the UV Tiles for the particular Layer, the Texture Set List is locked)
Is there a way to change the Texture size just for the selected UV Tiles under Layers?

Also the "Texture set Selection" in the viewport won`t work like I was used to anymore. As its selecting the actual texture set but not the actual UV Tile, i can`t use it to select the particular UV tiles to change the Texture Size.

Is there any workarround for that?

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There is no workaround today but that's a good feature request!

Ok, thats good to know, Thanks  ;D

Also, I was wondering since UV Tiles stacked under each TextureSet I am not able to export specific UDIMs anymore.
As i mentioned, with about 100 UDIMS for one TextureSet I have to always export all UDIMs even if I just made changes for one UDIM.
Or did I miss something?
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You can select specifically which udim to export in the exporter now.

Ah great. You are right, that works. I didn't click on the actual texture set in the exporter.

Thanks :)