Author Topic: sbsrender --gpu option [ERROR][CLIParser]Unknown option 'gpu'  (Read 1938 times)

Hi there,

I am testing the sbsrender and following the documentation for runtime option "--gpu" it throws an error:
[ERROR][CLIParser]Unknown option 'gpu'

It is like it was not implemented. Is there an example on how to use this option?
It has been tested on Windows and Linux.

Thanks in advance for your attention

Does your version of SAT, match the version of the docs?
Can you provide the full command you're executing?

The correct use --gpu should come after the render subcommand...
Code: [Select]
sbsrender render --gpunot...
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sbsrender --gpuas the gpu flag is an option of the render subcommand.

Thanks for your response and clarification.

It seems that was some problem of my environment as tested with all possible combination without luck. Cleaning and reinstalling solved the issue.
Thanks for the example as got documented in some way.