Author Topic: Crashes with color selection effect  (Read 565 times)

I'm having issues with a scene involving color selection effects. The scene has several objects in it, created using the new UV tile workflow (9 UDIM tiles).

I have a separate group/ folder for each object in the layer stack, each group masked using a color selection effect.

I'm duplicating a group (with fill layer in it + color selection effect), remove the (single) color assigned to the color selection effect, try to select a different color. With a certain amount of groups in the scene (about 8 groups + color selection effect in the layer stack right now), this crashes Painter almost every time I try to select a new color in the viewport.

It seems to work when I first pause the engine computation, select a different color in the color selection effect, then start the computation again.

Can someone confirm this? Bug report submitted.
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Since you sent a crash report, I will let my colleagues follow up with you from there.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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