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How t do I export my model so that the UV's are the same when I export to my Sketchfab account, then u and v tiling are all changed, very annoying! I've checked your documentation and its either out of date or I can't find the topic Im looking for. Apparently it used to be easy  to upload to sketchfab from painter, not in v (6.2.1). When I hit export on the file member there is no menu choice for Sketchfab like you used to have. Something that should be very simple has become excruciatingly difficult ! now I have to wait for someone to reply. I tried your video tutorials but they are no longer relevant to the latest version of Substance painter. Your user support team needs to get its act together and get users the accurate information they need in a convenient, easy to use format, so that they sont have to wait for days for an answer in a user forum. Very frustrating !

Please follow the guidelines on how to report an issue:,22451.0.html
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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