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Hi guys,

I'm having a big problem where my UDIM texture set names (1001, 1002 etc) are changing their names every time I have to make tweaks to the models uv's/geo and re-import the model. Painter seems to assign a different number to the old texture set. I need the texture sets to stay the same name as they were as it's obviously causing problems when the tile number being output by substance does not match the model any more. How can I solve this? I can't seen to rename them.

Thanks a mill

Do you use the new UDIM mode or are you converting your UDIMs into texture sets?

I was using the older texture sets. I never had this issue before, is there a bug perhaps or am I missing something? I split out my models into sections/parts so I can hide and unhide and just concentrate on each part separately. I usually have no need to paint across udims so I haven't checked out the new system yet. Redid all the materials and on the third try I got them to stay put, I'm no longer exactly sure why the names changed as on the second attempt I didn't replace any geo at all and it still happened but I never caught the exact moment as I was in a rush.

I'm having the same issue.  I've used both the legacy and the new UDIM texture setup.  The UDIMs are changing names sporadically in both.  The only thing i can do currently is put the UDIM name in the description so I can see when painter changes the name on me so I can revert back. 

Hi James, I've been doing the same, naming them in the description since this issue persists for whatever reason (didn't seem to before?). I didn't know you could manually rename the texture set since there is no menu item/right click to do so. I found out if you double click the name you can change the texture set name. Maybe that's obvious to most haha but for me, if the object is heavy sometimes It takes a couple seconds for it to register you double clicked to start the rename process so initially I missed it even having tried it a few times, its finicky in heavy scenes.

We recently had a bug where adding a Texture Set could trigger the renaming of it and clicking outside would increment its number. Make sure to update your versions to get the fix. If the issue still persist then it's maybe another bug and we would need more details, or even a mesh and project, to reproduce the behavior.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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