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I've just completed painting / texturing the model and baked the mesh. Now there is an error on the UV map and I need to replace my current UV map with a new one on the Substance painter. Please advise?
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As long as you don't change the mesh itself you can completely re-do the UV map and it will project your work back. Just go to Edit->Project Config then Click Select, pick your mesh with the new UVs, and make sure Preserve Strokes Positions On Mesh is check, then it should be good.

The only problem is anything done in the 2D view for example will not come back, it only takes what you do by Fill Layer, and anything done manually in the 3D viewport.
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Thank you for your reply. I've to remove inside footwear in order to combine "footwear + feet" as one mesh (Left + right separately). The rest of UV map stays intact as it is. Would I be able to replace UV map still into substance and that means adjust footwear on painter slightly?

UPDATE: Look like I may need to import the whole UV map and baked the mesh again. As a trade-off, now I am looking to save the LAYERS with smart materials and skin. Then quickly paint the model using polygon fill.

Now my question is to save the layers with smart materials. Can I do that?
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