Author Topic: How the heck do you use the 3d noise in substance designer?  (Read 222 times)

Hi guy

Video wasn't made by me, but it perfectly captures the problem i am having. Basically nothing happens when i try to view the noise either in the 2d view or 3d view, dosen't matter how i change the sliders around. All the 3d noises have this problem. As far as i can tell i am on the gpu engine, dx10 one in particular.

Thank you

There is also a node simply called "perlin noise" (without the 3d-)
That's probably what you're looking for.

All 3d noise nodes require a position map plugged in for the mesh in order to work correctly.

In order to make this work with one of the default meshes (like the plane in the video), you'll need to convert it to a resource first, then right click on the resource and Bake model information > position.

if you want to use them in 2d simply plug two gradients into an rgba merge node to create a position map
horizontal into red
vertical into green
uniform color (set to black) into blue
white into alpha

You can manipulate the resulting position map to change the way the noise behaves and produce some pretty cool effects
If you manipulate the value of the blue channel it will move you through the noise in the z-axis - this is a nice way to generate volumetric effects or to control variation