Author Topic: Hide UDIM Tiles?  (Read 188 times)

Hi there,

Great Work on this release!

How can you hide UDIM tiles?  E.g. I want to hide 1004 and 1007 - is there an eye icon to display visibility at this level - or does the mesh need to be optimised into different materials first (If I want control over all UDIMS, the model will need to have materials assigned accordingly before importing?

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You can hide tiles by creating a tile mask first, then if you are in a paint layer, you'll have a new icon in the top toolbar right to the brush settings, allowing you to hide masked tiles.

thanks for this great release also. A have the same problem.

Most the time I don't even paint, I just author materials and the workflow before was very handy (just toggling the visibility of a texture in the texture set list).

Now its hard to reach for instance objects inside a head. It seems the individual UVTile in the texture set list doesn't have any additional functionality.

Applying materials to the mesh will do it but you have to plan ahead and isn't consistent with every pipeline.

Are you planning to add a visibility toggle the the individual UVTile?

Cheers, Dirk

We are looking into it!